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In designing this website, I wanted something that references nostalgia in the way my video works do. So, my design focused on a naive interpretation of the past. Using old websites as inspiration, the colour direction mimics the brutal colours typical of early web pages, as well as being a reference to the three colours that light almost every display we see. I loathe contemporary trends in web design so this direction was rewarding to work towards. I am looking forward to expanding on it in the future. 

   AE322 was an easy choice for an elective. Being a digital media artist with an interest and passion for educating and helping others with various digital tools and methods, this course gave me the chance to brush up on fundamentals, and learn some new tools adjacent to my typical repertoire. I have avoided learning to use illustrator since 2007. Now that I know it I feel empowered to help others learn it, as well as use it for my own purposes. Since the first assignment I have used Illustrator to create two different pattern swatches for use in other projects. 

Photoshop is old hat for me but seeing the issues that new users in the class were experiencing has informed me what areas require careful teaching when I help others in the future. And although animation has its charm, I was not convinced by Adobe's standalone animation suite. It was nonetheless a humbling exercise in troubleshooting and another tool in the set.


One of my primary objectives in taking this digital media course was the website design component. As a practicing artist a website is essential, so in finishing this course I am leaving with a full set of essential tools. jkjkjkj


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